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Everyone has a story. They come in different shapes and sizes. They come bearing unique emotions. They can be difficult to swallow or difficult to communicate. Often, our stories define a moment in our lives, like a buried time capsule waiting to be rediscovered. Sometimes they are right there on the forefront of our minds, and on the tips of our tongues.

For Jake France Band, their story is not their own. It does not even encapsulate a specific instance in history. The infamous songwriter Bob Dylan once said that, “the world has enough songs… but a person who has something to say: that’s a different story.” The story Jake France Band has to tell is a story of hope. The philosophical, psychological and even theological idea of hope can lead to a number of questions.

What gives us the hope? What gives us the hope to face today, knowing that there is no promise that it will be easy? What encourages us to live life in a new way? Even though we know the new path is not a path well traveled? What makes us come awake?

“The greatest day is the day we see life through a new lens. When the mountains come to life. When we see the trees bowing to their maker. When the birds and the wind match in perfect harmony. This is the beautiful life. It’s not easy. We were never promised that it would be easy. We knew it would have rough roads, long nights, hurtful thorns, and downcast souls. But we were promised something. We knew it wouldn’t be easy, but it is a beautiful life.”

This is a story that has been written in infinity. It has been painted on an everlasting canvas. It has no beginning and no end. It takes the worst people and calls them “friend.” It takes the dirty people and calls them “clean.”

From Winston Salem, North Carolina comes Jake France Band. As a group of friends living in community and doing life together more than anything else, they seek to write songs that tell an everlasting story of hope. Rich melodies meet deep tones and abrasive percussion meets warm yet confident lyrics, creating an atmosphere of sound that compels a listener to join in the song, which at times feels more like their own story.

Jake France Band seeks to take this message and this story and communicate it through sounds and words, to see people united in community with one another, and to gather together to fall on bended knee at the throne of grace where love and hope and peace and grace was poured out for all.






7/18/14 6:00p BB&T Ballpark WS Dash Faith Night Winston-Salem, NC

7/25-27/14 6:00p Calvary Baptist College Retreat Laurel Ridge, NC


‘We Are Yours’

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For booking or questions: JakeFranceBand@gmail.com


The Guys

Jake France

Jake France

Vocals, Guitar, Keys
Stephen Livengood

Stephen Livengood

Luke Smith

Luke Smith

Drums, Percussion
Stephen Chuckray

Stephen Chuckray




New Single ‘We Are Yours’ releasing this Thursday!

Our new single will be available online this Thursday 7/17!

Listen to our new song ‘You Are’

Go listen to our new song ‘You Are’ right now on reverberation.com/jakefrance